Recycling Tips for Your Business

We at C-Square always tell our clients, new and existing ones alike, that recycling is an important tool of every business. Its purpose has evolved from reducing carbon footprint to opening a new revenue stream.

Whether your business is big or small, you can now profit from plastic scraps. Recycling your waste and having it go through various processes of Plastic Tolling allows you to recreate new products or sell remanufactured materials. How can you get started on the recycling train? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Educate Your Employees On Recycling

Have your employees and colleagues become more informed about the essentials and benefits of recycling. Debunk their common misconceptions and show them how recycling can benefit greatly the company. Organize orientation sessions and regular meetings, create informational videos, and distribute educational materials.

Create A Waste Audit

Find out how much waste your business produces so you can determine the amount or percentage of recyclable materials. From there you can create a management program and set realistic goals/targets. Many companies consider the amount of paper they have since it is often the most sources of waste. Ask your local recycling company to find out which materials can be used for remanufacturing.

Provide Incentives

Once you have set tangible and sustainable goals on the amount of plastic waste/scraps you want to be recycled every month or so, reward your employees for a job well done. Praises can come a long way and so are small tokens. You can also organize small contests to motivate them.

Assign A Point Person

Having a designated supervisor or manager on recycling allows you to have an authoritative figure between you and your employees. This person can regularly update you on everyone’s progress as well as keep check if every department or employee is doing

Hire The Right Recycling Solutions Company

Don’t forget to hire the most trusted name in your area do the post recycling process for you. Having the right team can save you a lot of time and headache in the future. You will also have smoother transactions when selling your newly processed materials. We at C-Square for instance assist our clients in the Plastic Selling process as well.

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