Innovative & customized circular plastic recycling solutions


We Buy Homogenous Film Grade and Injection Grade PE and PP Scrap


We Sell Quality Regrinds and Repro Pellets Processed In-House


We Offer Innovative and Customized Circular Plastics Recycling Solutions

Welcome to C-Square International

We are a full service plastic recycling company with a vision to enhance the quality of living environment for all. Our expertise lies in the creation of innovative, customized, and sustainable circular plastic recycling systems for our clients through mechanical methods.

Services & Solutions

We offer innovative and customized circular plastic recycling solutions to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.
We provide sustainability to the environment by offering lean and efficient processing services.

Plastic Trading
We offer a variety of injection grade and film grade PE and PP recycled plastic materials.
Plastic Shredding & Grinding
Our Shredding & Grinding services convert recovered plastics into manageable sizes fit for remanufacturing.
Plastic Pelletizing
Our Pelletizing services extrude and cut plastics into ideal sizes ready for production.
Plastic Tolling
Our tolling services give you peace of mind and help restore value to your plastic waste.