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We are a Full Service Plastic Recycling Company that believes in Protecting Our Planet every step of the way from the beginning to the end. Please click on the below link to see a full list on what we have to offer. Thank you!


C-Square Services & Solutions

C-Square offers a comprehensive list of plastic recycling options, these industry-specific options provides sustainability to  environment, quality control for businesses, and cash to companies who looking for options.

Plastic Materials
C-Square offers a wide assortment of plastic materials and products.
Plastic Grinding
Grinding convert broken pieces of plastic into productive & reusable materials.
Plastic Shredding
Shredding reclaim and utilizes both post industrial and consumer waste when it comes to plastic.
Plastic Pelletizing
Compounding & Pelletizing provides a easy and eco friendly option on recycling.
Plastic Washing
Washing allows to sort the plastic in a more manageable groups for recycling.
Plastic Tolling
Tolling provides the ability reuse and recover production out of waste and scrap.

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C-Square Sustainability

Here at C-Square, we believe that each and every client goals and objectives should be met if not exceeded. We accomplish this by creating custom tailored solutions for each and every client.

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Circular Economy

Here at C-Square, we know and understand that everything has a beginning and a end when it comes to use. Hence we provide a seamless transition for our clients and consumers when it comes to plastic materials.

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