Innovative & customized circular plastic recycling solutions

Welcome to C-Square Polymer

We are a full service plastic recycling company with a vision to enhance the quality of living environment for all. Our expertise lies in the creation of innovative, customized, and sustainable circular plastic recycling systems for our clients through mechanical methods.

Services & Solutions

We deliver cutting-edge, tailored circular plastic recycling solutions crafted to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our esteemed clientele. Additionally, our streamlined and efficient plastic reprocessing services are designed to empower manufacturers in achieving their sustainability objectives with precision and effectiveness.

Plastic Cutting
We provide a range of cutting and sawing techniques designed specifically to handle chunky or bulky scrap plastic materials before they undergo further processing.
Plastic Shredding & Grinding
Our Shredding & Grinding services specialize in transforming recovered plastics into easily manageable sizes, perfectly suited for remanufacturing purposes.
Plastic Pelletizing
With our Pelletizing services, we expertly extrude and cut plastics into optimal sizes, primed and ready for production.
Reclaimed Plastic Inventory Management
Entrust us with the management of your reclaimed scrap plastics inventory, providing you with peace of mind while effortlessly restoring value to your plastic waste.