C-Square Polymer

Success Stories


C-Square Polymer collaborated with a prominent global plastic pipes manufacturer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to address the challenge of recycling large quantities of scrapped straight-length HDPE pipes. Over a 28-month period, we successfully processed close to 5 million lbs of HDPE pipe materials through cutting, grinding, and pelletizing, while meticulously managing reclaimed scrap inventories to the client’s satisfaction.


A leading US plastic packaging company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area entrusted C-Square Polymer with repelletizing scrap polyethylene rolls to meet sudden production surges. Over 48 months, we processed over 1 million lbs of reclaimed polyethylene rolls, providing a timely recycled feedstock solution and avoiding the need for transportation to distant facilities.


C-Square Polymer assisted a renowned global automotive manufacturing leader in central Texas with reducing oversized and lightweight injection-molded parts for circular recycling. Leveraging our expertise in sawing chunky scrap and inventory management, we facilitated the integration of regrinds back into production, responding effectively to the broker’s outreach and ensuring a sustainable solution.

About Us

Founded in the summer of 2009, C-Square Polymer’s inception in the plastic recycling industry was no coincidence. Inspired by the founders’ college days of collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles to cover grocery expenses, they recognized the intrinsic value of recycling and embraced the principles of the circular economy.

Transitioning from a successful retail venture, the Ng’s seized the opportunity to establish their own recycling company, driven by a deep-rooted belief in sustainable practices. Since then, C-Square Polymer has remained steadfast in its commitment to innovating and refining each step of the circular plastic recycling process, tailored to diverse specifications and client requirements.

Under current leadership, the company has pursued excellence in all aspects, aiming to elevate standards within the industry. Central to our mission is the preservation of the environment for future generations at minimal cost. At C-Square Polymer, we are dedicated to fostering win-win relationships with customers while actively contributing to the closure of the recycling loop for countless tons of plastic materials.

Proudly Family Owned and Operated, Minority Owned Business


Company History


Company established in Tulsa, Oklahoma as an international scrap plastic brokerage firm


First warehouse facility opened in Haslet, TX

Launched warehousing, sorting and baling operations


Moved warehouse facility to Arlington, TX


Launched shredding & grinding operations


Engaged in the first community outreach for recycling education in Southlake, TX


Launched pelletizing operations


Moved to current location in Arlington, TX


Full transition from plastic recycler to plastic toll processor