C-Square International

Our Founder's Story

It was no accident that C-Square International’s founder, Boone Ng, entered the plastic recycling business in the summer of 2009.

Back in college years, Boone and his roommate collected aluminum cans and plastic bottles to pay for their weekly grocery bills. He understood the value and impact of recycling firsthand, and instilled a firm believe in the circular economy of recycling.

As opportunity presented itself after leaving a successful retail start-up, when he was at the crossroad of choosing between a steady salaried job and starting his own recycling company, he chose the latter.

Since then Boone and the company have been resolved to creating and perfecting each circular plastic recycling process customized to different specs, forms, and unique client needs. His ambition to raise the bar for plastic recycling process has also led the company to bring vertical integration across the globe.

Preserving the environment for future generations is none other than the most important task for C-Square International. Under our founder’s leadership, we are committed to continuously creating value for both suppliers and buyers for win-win relationships and closing the loop for tons after tons of recyclable plastics.

Fun Facts

  • Big things start small - Our founder started the business right in his own house in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Hard works pay off - Our founder travelled back-and-forth Tulsa, OK and Dallas, TX every weekend for over a year in the beginning.
  • Green from the inside and out - Our founder and his immediate family of four are long-time vegetarians.
  • Save the animal - One of the strangest wild creatures that visited our office was a 3/4 foot long tortoise. We brought it back to its home by the creek side.

Company History


Company established in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a scrap plastic brokerage firm

Started commodity export to Asia


First warehouse facility opened in Haslet, TX

Launched warehousing, sorting and baling operations


Opened Greater Memphis facility


Moved headquarter to Arlington, TX


Implemented inventory tracking system and barcode scanning; Installed above-ground truck scale


Arlington facility certified with ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015

Launched shredding & grinding operations


Engaged in processing recyclables for major retail store

Established sister company and launched oversea manufacturing hub in Malaysia


Engaged in the first community outreach for recycling education in Southlake, TX


Celebrated 10th year anniversary with vegan theme

Launched pelletizing operations

Launched first product development project