Plastic Shredding & Grinding

Plastic waste needs to undergo a series of size reduction processes for it to be directly used for remanufacturing. C-Square Polymer offers state-of-the-art technology and years of skills, knowledge, and experience in plastic shredding and grinding, turning bulky, unusable plastic scraps into reusable regrind materials.

Our facility is equipped with high performance shredders and grinders with custom blade sizes and metal detectors to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. We have experience shredding/grinding films, pipes, production purges, crosslinks, trash carts, crates, pallets, corrugated sheets, bottles, caps and lids, to name a few. We can also custom design a shredding & grinding system to meet your unique material destruction needs or corporate sustainability goals.

We are well equipped to help reclaimers and manufacturers with their customized needs with the highest standards of service. Please contact us to discuss the solutions perfect for your business.

Why C-Square Polymer?

There are more than a handful of recycling companies in the Dallas, Fort Worth and hundreds more in North America. However, there is only a few in your area that you can fully trust to deliver. Our customers over the years can attest that C-Square Polymer is one of those rare trusted names that you can count on.

Since 2009 we have been a one-stop shop for plastic baling, shredding, grinding, and other services related to turning plastic scraps into highly useful and profitable materials. Contact us today to schedule for a complimentary consultation.