Plastic Pelletizing

We at C-Square strongly advocate for greener and more efficient manufacturing, and we believe that Plastic Pelletizing is the key. Scrap film, fiber, and most forms of plastic don’t have to end up in the trash and be unusable forever. They can become new, flexible, and incredibly useful raw materials once again in the form of pellets.

Our standard protocol is that Plastic Pelletizing happens only when your waste material has undergone Plastic Shredding, Plastic Grinding, and Plastic Washing. We always make it a point to thoroughly process all plastic waste and scrap and remove all unnecessary materials before they become ready to be turned into pellets.

The Conventional or Standard Strand Pelletizing involves turning molten polymer or plastic into uniform cylindrical pellets. This is the most popular method of pelletizing. If the plastic material is sensitive to moisture, we use the Belt-Conveyor Strand Pelletizing.

Are you new to plastic tolling and recycling? Learn more about our plastic pelletization technology by contacting us today. We always tell our customers that one of the first things they need to determine is how pellets, a form of reused plastic material, can meet their business needs. From there we can help you develop long-term goals and solutions for a greener and more efficient production.

Why Standard-Sized Pellets Matter

Here are the main reasons why pellets are becoming an essential product for compounders and manufacturers:

  • Plastic materials in pellet form are easier to adapt and fitted in molding equipment.
  • Melting plastic pellets often result to smoother surfaces and better shaped designs.
  • There is less energy consumption because of reduced time and strain in equipment when processing pellets.
  • Plastic materials appear more uniform.
  • Dust and possible debris are easier to remove.
  • Pellets are easy to store and clean.
  • There is zero to minimal wasted material.

Why C-Square?

We at C-Square heavily invest on two things: equipment and manpower. We make sure that all our equipment are top of the line and in top speed not only for Plastic Pelletizing, but also for all phases in the Plastic Tolling process. We also assure our clients that the team behind every project are well-trained, professional, and experienced in recycling and plastic manufacturing.

Contact us today at (817) 633-9000 and visit our headquarters here in Arlington, Texas to see for yourself how C-Square stands out from other recycling companies in North America.