Common Issues

Common Issues among Scrap Plastics Recyclers

Issue #1

Most small to medium size MRFs only deal with specific types of scrap plastics.

Solution: We provide one-stop receiving for all types of scrap plastics, number 1-7, as well as scrap cardboards and papers.

Issue #2

Most brokers have limited control over the quality of their scrap plastics shipment, thus affecting the end result of the plastic resin being produced.

Solution: We have knowledgeable quality control staff and sort line leaders at our facilities dedicated to monitoring the whole process, to ensure customers’ specifications are met.

Issue #3

There are often different opinions on the grading of the scrap plastics, and thus causing uncomfortable price dispute after delivery.

Solution: We offer a fair and standard guideline on how the scrap plastics will be graded. We utilize a cutting edge laser technology plastic identifier to accurately classify plastic grades. We also strive to communicate our test result on the plastic samples prior to finalizing a purchase order, thus minimizing price dispute.

Issue #4

Problematic reporting of the materials received, causing issues in billing or invoicing, and ultimately affecting the payment process.

Solution: We have a team of dedicated office staff who utilize powerful recycling inventory software to track receiving and delivery in a timely manner. We also provide detailed receiving ticket or packing list, and any documents required (e.g. Certificate of Destruction) for your convenience.

Issue #5

When the market is slow, some MRFs quit receiving materials altogether.

Solution: We have developed long-term partnership with several scrap plastic end processors in China, Southeast Asia, and United States. We have the flexibility to pass on the materials to domestic or oversea buyers therefore are able to procure regardless of the market condition.

Issue #6

Most brokers have limited knowledge on how to accurately identify and grade scrap plastics, and have limited access to market data on a global scale, thus unable to advocate for your company in a data-driven manner.

Solution: We have a global network of vendors and customers, and access to multiple countries’ scrap pricing data, enabling us to conduct an all-rounded market analysis for brokering your materials.

Issue #7

Some MRFs or brokers side with the company that they work with, maximizing the company’s profitability at your cost.

Solution: We treat vendors and customers equally, with a fair game in mind for the industry’s good.