Plastic Washing

Filth, contaminated debris, dirt, mud, stains — These are among the materials mixed in with plastic scraps that need to be separated for remanufacturing. If you have a business that is in need of a recycling company that can thoroughly wash and segregate your waste, then you have come to the right place.

We at C-Square can confidently say that we are the authority in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area when it comes to Plastic Washing. We have the technology for washing, separating, and drying pre-consumer and post-consumer plastic. In doing so we can efficiently and effectively remove food, oil, paper, non-toxic substances, labels, liquids, metal scraps, and all the unwanted particles until your material is ready for the next Plastic Tolling processes, i.e. Plastic Shredding, Plastic Grinding, and Plastic Pelletizing.

Plastic Washing Process

Magnetic and Metal Separation – Many common household items contain small fragments or pieces of metal that need to be removed through machine. We have equipment dedicated to making sure that no metal will pass through and cause damage or delay in the pelletizing process.

Sink-Float Washing – We use this method to separate and classify plastic waste based on their weight and material. This immediately removes more than 50% of the debris.

Hot Washing – Some stains are particularly hard to remove. If your plastic waste is contaminated with stubborn materials, i.e. glue, grease, and oils, we resort to this method.

Kindly take note that the above mentioned processes are only among our common practices. Here at C-Square, we do not stick to only one process of washing and waste elimination. We employ various techniques and technologies as well, from turbo and spiral washers to mechanical and thermal dryers, to name a few.

Why C-Square?

One of the most compelling reasons to hire C-Square is our dedication in every project. The secret to a thorough, effective, and highly efficient Plastic Washing is the level of dedication the recycling company has in making sure that the plastic material is clean and ready for manufacturing. You can count on us to never miss a spot in cleaning your plastic products.

Contact us today or kindly leave your concern in the form below to learn more about our Plastic Washing or other plastic services and how we can utilize it for your business. Currently we are servicing customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, & Arkansas.