Plastic Grinding

Plastic waste needs to undergo a series of size reduction processes for it to be directly used for Plastic Tolling. C-Square offers state of the art technology and years of knowledge and experience in Plastic Grinding in turning bulky, unusable plastic scraps into reusable materials.

From regular use slow speed granulators to the heavier set of profile granulators, we are well equipped to help grind your plastic waste until it reaches the desired industry standard size. Come and visit our headquarters located in the Dallas, Ft Worth Texas area to discover more efficient size reduction solutions perfect for your business.

Size Reduction Solutions

Injection Molding – This is often the most popular choice of when it comes to part manufacturing because of its low cost yet high production rates. We are highly knowledgeable even in grinding bulky and lumpy plastic scraps until fit for molding and converting into new materials.

Film & Thermoforming – From the name itself, this process is for producing thin plastic materials often used for packaging, i.e. shopping bags and packaging film.

Blow Molding – This involves melting down plastic materials and forming them into a parison or preform, or more known as hollow plastic parts used as containers i.e. bottles, barrels, and canisters. We have various processes of blow molding, including extrusion blow molding, stretch blow molding, and injection blow molding.

Pipe and Profile Extrusion – Plastic materials, already reduced to granules, undergo high temperature and pressure processes, melted down through a shaping die. This is the solution for producing thermoplastic piping materials.

Rotational Molding – Also known as rotomolding or rotocasting, this molding process involves production of larger volumes of plastic materials. The trick is to have the mold continuously rotating during the heating phase to maintain equal levels of thickness and to avoid deformation.

Why C-Square?

Since 2009 C-Square has been a growing name in North America for being a reliable one-stop shop in recycling. What’s our secret? Through the years we have maintained a level of quality that is hard to outmatch: fast turn-around time, lowered cost, reduction of carbon footprint, and overall increased efficiency in production.

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