Plastic Buying

C-Square is a Full Service Plastic Recycling Company that is headquartered in the Dallas, Ft Worth Texas area. We BUY any and all forms and types of pre & post-industrial plastic scrap ranging from commodity to engineer.
Since 2009, we have been buying plastic in the United States, Mexico, & Canada. So if you have any extra plastic that you are looking to sell please contact us today via (999) 999-9999 or submit your information i.e. details of your materials by clicking this button.
**Please make a note that we do not offer or provide residential plastic recycling services.
Some of the materials, forms, & grades that we buy include:


  • Polyethylene: HDPE, HMWPE, LDPE, LLDPE
  • Polypropylene: PP Homopolymer & PP Copolymer
  • PVC: Rigid & Flexible
  • Polystyrene: HIPS, GPPS, Crystal, EPS, High Heat
  • PET: PETE, Polyester, PETG, PCTG
  • TPO: Painted & Unpainted
  • Engineering Grades: Nylon, ABS, PC/ABS, PC, PBT, Lexan, Acrylic, Acetal

Forms & Grades

  • Gas Pipe, Water Pipe, Irrigation Pipe, Dredge Pipe, Poly Pipe
  • Film – Bales, Rolls, Stretch Film, Shrink Wrap
  • Lumps & Chunks, Purge, Patties, Bleeder, Logs
  • Parts, Sprues, Runners, Skeletons, Trimmings, Bottles, Preforms, Caps
  • Regrind, Repro, Pellets, Resin, Floorsweeps
  • Pallets, Bins, Crates, Trays, Totes, Drums
  • Fiber, Nonwoven, Diaper Scrap, Melt Brown

Why C-Square?

At C-Square, we care about our customers hence why we offer fast quotes, amazing customer service, and the best prices on plastic.  Our warehouses are strategically placed to ensure next day pick up on any plastic material in the United States. So don’t hesitate and contact us today to experience the difference on what we offer and the value that we provide.