Plastic Tolling

Just when you thought your plastic waste is meant for disposal and nothing more — think again. We at C-Square International offer our clients a unique and highly efficient recycling experience like no other through Plastic Tolling Services. Turn your unwanted plastic scraps, excess materials, and other unusable items into profits using our available technology.

Our team here at C-Square International see plastic tolling and other recycling services as every business’s tool to be be involved in the circular economy. We provide quality and efficient production to convert used plastic materials to their raw form. The result is new, reusable raw material ready to be utilized for another purpose.

Our Services

Why C-Square International?

At C-Square International, we take each of our client’s plastic tolling needs and expectation seriously. We cannot emphasize enough that the future of more profitable, sustainable, and environment friendly businesses lie in recycling and plastic tolling. Discover for yourself how we use this philosophy in our services.

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