Plastic Trading

Full Service Plastic Recycling Company

C-Square International is a full service plastic recycling company headquartered in the Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas area. We have the capacity to process injection grade and film grade polyolefin (PE and PP) plastics into bales, regrinds, and repro pellets. Our focus is in diverting valuable plastic resources from landfills and providing innovative solutions to close the loop for polymers. Since 2009, we have been professionally processing and trading plastic materials in the United States and East Asia. However, we do not offer residential recycling service. Please contact us today to learn more about our product and services.

Some of the materials, forms, & grades that we buy include:

  • Polyethylene: HDPE, HMWPE, LDPE, LLDPE, LMDPE
  • Polypropylene: PP Homopolymer & PP Copolymer
  • Gas Pipe, Water Pipe, Irrigation Pipe, Dredge Pipe, Poly Pipe
  • Film – Bales, Rolls, Stretch Film, Shrink Wrap
  • Lumps & Chunks, Purge, Patties, Bleeder, Logs
  • Parts, Sprues, Runners, Skeletons, Trimmings, Bottles, Preforms, Caps
  • Regrind, Repro, Pellets, Resin, Floorsweeps
  • Pallets, Bins, Crates, Trays, Totes, Drums
  • Fiber, Nonwoven, Diaper Scrap, Melt Brown

Why C-Square International?

  • We are one of the processors of choice among US major retailers and top plastic packaging manufacturers.
  • We provide customized plastic recycling solutions to major waste hauling companies in the US.
  • We are the trusted scrap plastic buyer for multi-stream reclaimers in the region.
  • We qualify our suppliers. Only verified suppliers with homogenous grade, high quality, and consistent volume are selected.
  • We qualify our customers. Only verified and environmentally responsible end users are selected.
  • We continuously improve our process flow to meet or exceed customer’s expectations.
  • We adhere to globally recognized Quality Management System and Environmental Management System.